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What Ofsted look for when assessing the use of background checks

Ofsted will assess how well you make decisions about the suitability of your staff during its regular inspections of childcare providers. As part of the inspection, the childcare inspector will look for evidence that you have secure procedures for vetting and recruiting staff and that any person who has not been vetted is never left alone with the children.

All those who apply for registration must undertake full checks on all proposed staff and make a judgement on suitability prior to registration being granted. Ofsted will make the decision about whether the applicant and manager are suitable to work with children. Ofsted will not make the employment decision about the manager.

During the registration process, or at the inspection, the childcare inspector may ask you to provide evidence of:

  • an Enhanced DBS check, including the Certificate number and date of issue, complying with the DBS Code of Practice on handling of Disclosures and Disclosure information
  • references
  • full employment history
  • qualifications
  • interviews
  • medical suitability
  • any other checks you have undertaken

The inspector may also ask individual members of staff to show their enhanced Disclosure.

When asking for evidence of the above, inspectors will not determine the suitability of members of staff working for you. However, if Ofsted are not satisfied that you are acting in accordance with the requirements of the EYFS and other legal requirements in relation to the recruitment and vetting of staff, Ofsted will assess your continued qualification to provide childcare. If necessary, Ofsted will take action to safeguard the welfare of children.

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